Friday, March 13, 2009

Youth-Friendly Mosque?

Let's start out our new blog with a poll.  It's often said that the mosque of today should be a "youth-friendly" place.  Many masjids and Islamic centers claim that their facilities are youth-friendly and want to see more youth actively involved and present.  The question is, are they really youth-friendly?  What does "youth-friendly" mean to you?  What are ways a masjid could be more youth-friendly?

Post your responses to the above questions in the comments below.  Make sure to include your age and gender when responding.  Poll will close on Wednesday, March 18th.


  1. i love this mosque very much...i feel this strong connection with everyone and i believe that there are many activities for the youth...

  2. I think this Masjid is trying very hard to be youth friendly. I think in general, American Mosques are dismal failures at being youth friendly.